The Snail Mail Society

The Snail Mail Society

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Please note that all members who join after the 27th of January will start to receive packages in March! ❤️


*** I cannot yet provide the Snail Mail Society to all of my international friends and customers due to the very costly shipping involved. I am looking for ways to make this available to all, and I’ll let you know when I do!***

Welcome to the Snail Mail Society!

I have so much adoration for all of my loyal customers and followers and I wanted to try something new; something specifically for you! The more social media seems to take over handmade business; the more disconnected I feel from the root of it all. I want to make real connections with people who understand the significance of handcrafted pieces. I want to humanize my craft again.

Upon purchase I’ll be personally e-mailing you as I’d like for you all to answer some questions about you! I will ask for basic jewelry specifics (ring size, etc.) as well as things specific to you (favorite color, etc.). There will also be space for you to tell me... whatever else you like, or hate, or want to say out loud. Let’s get personal! The more I know; the better I’ll be able to tailor these packages to you all!

*I will absolutely not be sharing your information with anyone else! So don’t be shy!*

There will be exclusive goodies showing up in your mailbox once a month- your real mailbox, in real life. Pretty packages full of goodies that I’m sure you’ll love!

All items will be exclusive to the club - coupon codes, giveaways (which will be much easier to win in a small club!) and every third month you’ll receive a piece of jewelry created just for club members! I’ll also be including some of my favorite goodies here and there. I’m thinking nail polish, prints & cards, soaps, candy, seeds- just as a start.

I’ll be starting this crazy idea with crazy introductory pricing that basically just asks you to cover shipping costs. I want as many people as possible to be able to get involved right off the bat, but I will not be able to keep these prices low for long. You’ll be able purchase 6-month and 12-month memberships at shipping costs for the next few weeks. 

 Have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear them!